Take Part: Speak out. Share. Post

  1. Become a social media activist.

Get the word out! Bring awareness to the stories of Mizrahi Jews. Post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To help, we've created a series of infographics with facts about various communities. You can find all graphics under the infographics tab above. The #MizrahiStories Challenge is a great way to win prize money for your Israel group. To enter, fill out this form.

2. Attend #MizrahiStories events and share #CAMERAonCampus posts.

Virtual watch party anyone? Learn more about the Jewish communities of the Middle East through our series of incredible speakers, performers and artists. Keep tabs on our #MizrahiStories events page and our Facebook Event page here for details on our upcoming live streams with virtual discussions.

3. Record and Upload Your Own Video for the #MizrahiStories campaign.

All extroverts and introverts welcome! Post a video with the hashtag #MizrahiStories. We invite all of you to share what you've learned through the campaign, your personal story, or both! See instructions below.

  1. Make sure you have a good quality camera.

    • For smartphones, the back camera is the best, although some phones (like iPhone 8 and up) have a decent front camera. If you have an external webcam, make sure it’s at least 720p. If none of these methods of recording work for you, your computer’s webcam should be a last resort. If you have a microphone, make sure to use it. If not, then no worries!!

  2. Frame yourself on camera.

    • Check how you look before recording. Set up a spot where you can sit in good lighting. The background should be interesting, but not busy, and you should be centered in the frame. We should be able to see from your stomach/chest up, and on the screen, your head should have a few inches of room on top. A rough example is provided below:

  3. Record!

    • First, try to practice what you want to say, and when you feel ready, record it! Don’t worry, you have all the time and tries you need to get it the way you want it.

  4. Upload!

    • Post your new video on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram, using the hashtag #MizrahiStories.